Classic Style of Aston Martin and David Brown

Bond-Aston-DB5One of the most iconic names in the motor industry is Aston Martin, a company of British origins that has set incredibly high standards for their engineering and craftsmanship. The excellence associated with the name is one of the reasons that the company continues to endure decade after decade.

After the end of the Second World War, there were many companies in the United Kingdom that struggled to stay in business. One of these was a British automotive manufacturing business that had been unable to keep up with their bills and wanted to sell the entire company. In 1947, Sir David Brown purchased it. Until then, the young entrepreneur had focused his financial investments in both agricultural and engineering ventures. After purchasing the car manufacturing company, he focused on breathing new life into the failing company, with quite a bit of success.

The following year, the company showed off their first model at the London Motor Show, with 15 production models of the vehicle to become known as the DB1. However, this “Two Litre Sports” vehicle did not display the iconic symbol for which the brand is known today.

That vehicle was not presented until 1950 when the DB2 was displayed for the public at the New York Automotive Show. The DB badge was on this model, which produced more than 400 pieces over the next few years, with the last ones leaving the factory in 1953.

However, the legendary automotive leader did not stop there. He continued to learn more about the racing industry and how to improve the performance of the vehicles his company produces. The DB5, DB9 and Vantage are among the models that have been produced by Aston Martin and that proudly display the logo and the high standards that he laid forth for the company when David Brown took over it after the Second World War.


For more than 50 years, the “DB” name has been associated with timeless elegance. The company continues to research and develop innovations which improve the experience for both the person driving the vehicle and those who are riding in it.

If you are interested in having a trustworthy vehicle that you know is capable of handling the way you want going down busy roads, the Aston Martin is a luxurious and elegant choice that will leave you feeling pampered every day.