Ferrari At The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

IMG_2176-262x3501One of the most popular Formula One events, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, was introduced in 2007. This was in accordance with the F1 Festival that takes place in the United Arab Emirates. The maiden race took place in the Yas Marina Circuit in November 2009. This circuit stands out as the most innovative on the planet. There is no doubt about that. It employs the use of the latest technology. Moreover, it works as a training base for the folks that take part in motor racing events across the Middle East.

Here is some information that will equip you with knowledge about the growth that has taken place ever since in memorial:

The 2009 Inaugural Race

The FIA (Federation Internationale de I’Automobile) announced on June 2008 about the tentative 2009 F1 calendar of events. In the announcement, the Abu Dhabi GP was the season’s final event. Initially, it was booked to happen on 15th November 2009. Later, organizers changed it  to take place fourteen days earlier than it was planned. The maiden Abu Dhabi GP event happened on 1st November 2009. This is F1’s premier day-night racing event.

Following this circuit’s event, the others similarly took place as day-night races. The Etihad Airways was the official sponsor based on a three-year contract. Sebastian Vettel racing for the Red Bull won the 2009’s event.

The Yas Marina Circuit


This track provides an excellent experience for visitors and drivers. Increasing function and designed with style, the Yas Marina circuit normally offers a facility where races take place in three designs. The formula one racetrack is approximately 3.4 miles or 5.5 kilometres long. It has twenty-one turns. Twelve of these are left turns while nine are right turns. This circuit runs in an anti-clockwise direction and has an approximated lap time of one minute and forty seconds. Similar to the second track design, the third one is shorter. The second one stands at 1.9 miles while the third one at 1.46 miles. The tracks in this circuit normally function without interfering with each other. This makes it possible for the track to hold two events simultaneously.

The 2010 – 2014 events

After the success of the 2009 Abu Dhabi GP, the subsequent one happened on November 12 to 14. Just like in the previous year, Sebastian Vettel also claimed victory in 2010. He proceeded to secure the title of world champion as well. Winners in 2011 and 2012 were Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen. Vettel claimed the title again in 2013 with Hamilton back on top last year.  Who do you think is going win the Abu Dhabi F1 2015?