World of Auto Sport with Lotus and Formula 1

Names such as Lotus and Formula 1 ignite incandescent feeling in auto racing enthusiasts. Indeed, auto-sport continues to attract headlines in many parts of the world. These supercars are the ultimate evidence of the love between man and machine. They are icons of engineering ingenuity in automobile manufacturing. Although they are meant to be sports, and indeed they are in many respects, the performance of the racing cars sends a message to the world automobile lovers and is believed to influence sales in various respects.


Lotus Elise

This racing car manufactured in Britain and Malaysia was named after Elisa, the granddaughter of Romano Artioli; then, the chairman of the Lotus group that includes Bugatti. It is a sports car manufactured by Lotus cars. It is assembled in Shah Malaysia and Hether, Norfolk in UK. The initial series of the car was released in the years between 1997 and 2000. The immediate predecessor of this car is Lotus Elan; a renowned super car developed by the same company.


This car is driven by the rear wheels. It is characterized by its relatively lower cost of manufacture that does not compromise performance. I body is hand finished and is made of fiberglass. Lotus Elise can move speeds of up to 240 km/hour.


Formula 1

Formula 1 also called Formula One or f1 in its shortest denotation was first launched in 1950. It has remained the most decorated racing cars competition to date.

This is arguably the most prestigious set of racing cars. Indeed, it is a top notch class of single seat sporting cars that is commissioned by the renowned and equally prestigious International federation of automobiles (FIA).

Events organization, Scoring and Meaning of Terms

The word formula refers to a set of rules that must be followed by all competitors in the tournaments. Formula 1 refers to as series of racing events which are ideally car race competitions commonly called Grand Prix( French for great prizes) Organized in various parts of the world. Indeed, great prizes it is that the winners get when they are announced the best in their categories.

The tournament circuits are normally specially designed roads also called race tracks in the competition jargon. They partially use public roads sometimes.

The competition results in two main rewards types

  • The award for the best driver
  • The award for the best manufacturer

The points are accumulated throughout the series of competitions and are evaluated in yearly terms. Consequently, the winners are crowned on the back of specific year’s performances. More about Lotus and Formula 1.